6 things you should plan before delivering your first baby!

6 things you should plan before delivering your first baby!

You are excited about your first child and have planned many things for her in advance. After the birth, your whole life would revolve around your baby. And suddenly there would be just baby talk and baby stuff all around you. These are the six MOST IMPORTANT things; you should know or plan before giving birth.

1. Cord/ Stem cell banking - This is a once in a life time opportunity. As you enter your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, check the best companies and best plans that suit you. Stem cell banking is like a fixed deposit of your babies and family's health. And can assist in curing major life threatening illnesses at any stage of life, for her and your family. Search on the net about this and you would know why it is important to bank them.

2. A good paediatric near your residence - You should check about a good paediatric close by. Your friends and neighbours can give the right information. A visit to him/ her before delivery, will give comfort on his/her qualifications and he/ she will give you many inputs on baby's development in initial months. With this, you can avoid travelling long distances for baby's medical requirements.

3. Insurance - Most companies cover delivery expenses up to a certain amount. Check with your health insurance agent if you are covered for delivery expenses and the procedure to follow for the same. Certain companies cover the baby's medical expenses too. So if you need any medical assistance for your new born baby, you must know your policy features well in advance.

4. Appointing a help - If yours is a nuclear family, then you would need a help for initial month or two. More so if you go for C-section. Find someone beforehand and let her work for you at least 15 days prior to the delivery date. This way you can train her for the chores that you would not be able to perform as you would be busy with the baby. If you are in a joint family, don't hesitate to talk to your mom- in-law about certain things that you would be dependent upon after the delivery. Sometimes we assume that others will understand and help. But asking for help is better than the misunderstanding caused due to expectations from each other.

5. Paid leaves - If you are working and plan to take maternity leave, check with your company on the number of months you can avail as paid leaves. Also on a possibility to work from home after the leaves are exhausted. This will help you keep a balance between home, child and work. Many companies have a very accommodating approach like working from home/ working in their offices closer to home etc.

6. Last but not the least; Baby Products - You and your family would be too excited to buy all the baby stuff. From cots, cradles, prams, walkers, highchairs to car seats, bottle sterilizers, rockers, toys, books and the list is endless.  But you have never thought about what you would do if the baby just doesn't like to be in them. What would you do with all the bulky and expensive stuff? Where would you store them, whom would you pass them to? The answer to all this is to try www.mypleybox.com. We are the one stop rental source for all your baby needs. We stock best brands and they are all washed and sanitized and absolutely ready to use when delivered to your door step. You use the baby crib which is sanitized for your baby in the hospital, the same way, you can hire all the branded baby stuff which is carefully selected and sanitized for your baby. All you have to do is select the product you like on our website and order them online from comfort of your home, office, hospital. And these would be delivered at your door step. What's more, if your baby doesn't like to be in it, you can return them anytime. The product would be picked up from your residence and you would be charged only for the period you use. And you can take go ahead and try another product, which your baby might enjoy. So you get a product which is liked by your baby, you save between 50% to 90% of cost, you get a clutter free home and you save environment by buying less of plastic, wood, metal, rubber, etc.

So if you are expecting do remember these points and don't forget to share this with other expecting mom's…they would thank you for that.


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