6 things you must have, to make your life easy after being a MOM!

6 things you must have, to make your life easy after being a MOM!

Your baby is the best thing that has happened to you. But initial months can be tiresome. Your baby will keep you awake almost any time during the day and night; from frequent nappy changes, to feeding the baby, to putting the baby off to sleep; your entire life would revolve around her, giving you very less time to catch up on that precious sleep.
There will be plenty of times when the baby hasn't burped, is getting colicky and not sleeping well making you feel tired and exhausted. You and your husband would take turns to move around the house carrying the baby in your arms trying to calm the baby down and put her off to sleep. But sometimes she is too cranky and you don't know what to do.
Your friend says buy her some rattles and she will get diverted; Mother in Law would say buy her a cradle/traditional ghodiya and she would be fine; Aunt would say something else. Now you are confused and physically & mentally exhausted.
Fret not…mypleybox can make your life easier.
They stock best brands baby equipment which can be used even for trials and if your baby likes it... voila! If not, you have them returned and you would be charged only for the period you use.

For example: You so miss the Hospital crib that was kept little inclined at all the times because your baby had not burped properly.

So the FIRST thing you can try is a Chicco Next to me Crib. This incredible crib is very light in weight, allows you to select from 6 height adjustments, can be made inclined with a single click and comes with wheels. The lean structure is very compact and attractive. 
SECOND in the list would be a Playgym that comes with hanging toys, music and lights, this will help in your baby's hand-eye co-ordination and physical development as she tries to touch the toys by hand or by kicking. This will keep her entertained while she is awake and you can quickly have a peaceful shower.
THIRD is a Bouncer or a Rocker. Whenever your baby is sleepy but little cranky or colicky, introduce her to the bouncer or rocker. They are little inclined, have some hanging toys, some soothing light and music. She would get diverted and the rocking motion would slowly calm her down and help her sleep.
FOURTH would be a Pram. Once your baby is around two months old, she and you both would want to move around your housing complex, go to malls or for dinners. The Pram would provide your baby her own cosy space and some rest to your tired shoulders.
FIFTH would be a High Chair. This can be introduced when your baby is around 6 months old. It is very important to make your little one know that though mom and dad are around to feed her, but she has her own independent space to mess around and learn to eat and explore various textures and tastes of the food offered.
SIXTH would be a Walker or a Jumperoo. You will thank the makers of these products because when your infant is moving around the entire house, it becomes too risky even to visit washroom leaving your baby unattended. The ideal way is ' moderate use', that is 10 - 15 minutes at a single sitting. These come with catchy music, lights and toys, keep them entertained as well as safe from falling. This will help you get a quick break to attend the phone call or for making baby meals etc.

Now the cherry on the cake is…
You don't have to buy and stock these expensive things as mypleybox allows you to take all these products on rent. This means if your baby doesn't like any of the products, you can return them anytime.

Benefits of renting the products;

1. You can choose from best brands
2. They are all washed, sanitized and ready to use when delivered to you; be it baby equipment, toys or books
3. Easy returns. No lock in period
4. No clutter in the house. Use it and return it.  No need to worry about storing them
5. Save money. Around 50 - 70 per cent on MRP
6. Saves environment. You help environment by buying less of plastic, metal etc.
7. You can give everything to the baby
8. Home delivered and picked up; taking away all the hassles from you.

Try mypleybox and enjoy a carefree parenthood. Click 'like' if you found this article useful and also 'share' if you want your friends to benefit.


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