8 things you should carry when travelling with infants!

8 things you should carry when travelling with infants!

You are planning a holiday with your baby for the first time. You have a big list of things, but still sceptical if you are carrying appropriate stuff for her or not.

Your heart says pick everything the baby is used to but mind says can we do without it?

So here's a list of 8 things that will make holidaying easier and more relaxing:

1.     Diapers - number of diapers required per day plus one extra for each day
2.     Clothes -  number of clothes required per day plus one extra for each day
3.     Medicines - general medicines like for fever, colic, tummy trouble plus a thermometer
4.     Car Seat - if you are heading for a weekend getaway, you should hire a car seat for your infant. This will optimize the safety of both you and your child. In addition to that; your tired shoulders will thank you for this decision and you can enjoy the drive with you partner. You can rent best brands car seats at www.mypleybox.com. They are all washed and absolutely ready to use.
5.     Food/ Formula food - Always carry at least three varieties of foods like some bananas, soft pureed vegetables, custard etc. These are easy to feed during the journey. And variety will keep the baby entertained. Keep wet tissues and a bag handy for dumping the soiled clothes/ bibs and used food containers.
6.     Few Toys/ Books - Though you would think that the baby's favourite toys are a must to carry to calm the baby, the fact is, new toys will distract her instantly. Your infant would also love you to read some books to her. Carry some picture books with you to spend some quality time with the baby. You can hire best brands and international award winning toys & books from mypleybox only for your trip. Post your trip, if you want, you can subscribe them for longer duration too.
7.     Baby sling bag/ baby carrier - If you plan for some sightseeing or some beach splash, you should consider carrying a baby sling bag. These make the parent and the baby comfortable to walk and best part is your hands are free to take the perfect family selfie. Baby carriers are available on rent too at www.mypleybox.com.
8.     Pram/ Travel stroller - If your baby is less than 6 months old you should go for pram but if your baby is six months plus we recommend taking a light weight travel stroller along. These are very compact and light in weight; have a basket underneath to keep the baby essentials. Your baby will get her own space to sit or sleep while you enjoy a quiet dinner with your partner. You can select Pram/Stroller at www.mypleybox.com; as we stock best brands and a huge variety of products.

All the products are washed and ready to use when delivered at your door step. What's more, if your baby likes the product/s, you can rent the same for longer period too.

So next time you plan for a holiday, try www.mypleybox.com and all your travel needs will be taken care of while you save big money, and have a memorable holiday.
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